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/r/ModelUSGov is an online community that seeks to emulate the American Government. Redditors can join parties and propose, debate and legislate on all manner of bills, resolutions and constitutional amendments. /r/ModelUSGov members can be elected into state legislatures or even Congress, can be nominated to become a part of the President's cabinet, can see positions on /r/ModelUSPress as journalists, or just debate as an independent over the issues they might find to be most important.

This is a casual community, so advanced knowledge of political science or even extensive knowledge of current and world affairs aren't necessary, although it may be relevant to the legislation and will certainly help when debating.

/r/ModelUSGov takes pride in its diversity of views, beliefs and doctrine - be they political, social, economic or religious - and we are proud to represent views that may not be well-represented in the real world. The extreme left and the extreme right debate in the spirit of Congressional responsibility as our politicians work tirelessly to create a different utopia, but in the end, we learn from each other and work together to create bonds that last a lifetime in this Great Nation.

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    New page: Goog is a membee of ModelUSGov. A former member of the now defunct Bull Moose Party he is now a Democrat Assemblyman and Speaker of the Chesapeake...

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